Respect My Vote Respect My Vote

Respect My Vote | Soca D Vote is the only major non-partisan Caribbean American voter mobilization campaign. The focus is to educate, register and mobilize young people of Caribbean descent between the ages of 18-39 who live in Caribbean, urban and rural communities.


10. When you are registered to vote, your complaints are taken more seriously!

9. The only way democracy works is if we all actively participate in the electoral process. The Majority only rules if the majority votes.

8. Your vote has extra power in local elections, such as city council and state legislature elections, because the number of eligible voters is usually smaller.

7. Communities with a higher number of registered voters get more attention from politicians. Don’t let the Caribbean community get left behind!

6. Our predecessors have suffered and struggled for this right.

5. Keep important issues to you at the forefront!

4. You represent a combination of interests unique only to the Caribbean community.

3. Make a difference; if you are not happy with the status quo vote to change it.

2. Representation; the winner of an election has a duty to represent the people who placed him/her in office. It is important to vote for the person who you think will best do that.

1. It’s your right!



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